Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I would like to thank everyone for donations. I have received so many. I will try to acknowlwdge them all here but it is difficult because some people don't let me know they are banking something so I don't get a name.

But if your name is not here and there will be a few please accept this as my personal thanks.
Thanks also to
MArita Jones Lindi Jarmen Cate Grace Rosemary Nicole Hester Jacqui Wong Lorraine Bradely Carolyn Salmon Andrea And several Anoms

Also thanks to Lynne Scott who is making me backs and the other lady who is in Ringwood who is donating backing sorry your name escapes me and I can't find your email, aha Kathleen Appleton.

We are progressing and should have some finished quilts to show you all soon.

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