Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad News This time

We didn't get accepted for the grant through Bendigo Bank. I was so disappointed as I was led to believe we would... I felt so defeated for a while and then it occured to me the babies still need the cot quilts so I needed to think of plan B.

So here is Plan B but I need some help.... Instead of backing them with Minky we will do them the traditional way which in the long run is going to be cheaper. I have 6 completed tops about 6 being appliqued now, 6 panels ready to be made into quilts and enough fabric to make probably another 20 quilts and more fabric being delivered by Cathy Smith. ( see her blog Quilting for Zimbabwe) So I have decided our first shipment which I would like to send early 2011, will be 25 finished cot quilts. But I will need your help.

I can purchase wholesale ,15 yard roll of 100% cotton wadding. It is 100 inches wide that will make about 20 quilts so I will need 1 1/2 rolls, the cost of two rolls (30 yards)of wadding is $300 the other half roll will make more quilts for a second shipment in later 2011.
I can also purchase wholesale, backing fabric 15 metres for $97.50. I will need 3 of theses to make the 25 quilts there will be some left over this will be used for the next shipment. The cost of three is $292.50.... The special price of the backing fabric is only available to me until November 30th 2010 .

So this is where I humble myself and ask for help. If you could donate the cost of a metre of wadding or part there of approx $10 per metre, or a metre of backing or part there of approx $9.00 per metre, then this will enable myself and the other 6 volunteers to concentrate on making the quilts. I had hoped not to have to ask for donations but when there is no other choice then I have to.

The babies need these quilts and I will do anything I can to get them there if plan B fails then I will just have to come up with plan C I am determined to succeed.

If you can help then please transfer the amount you are able to donate to the account below. Please make sure you mark it quilts for Zimbabwe and also email me I can then arrange to keep this separate. Or you can post me money orders to the address below also.

Please help me if you can.

I have also recieved a donation of $100 from Val Musgrove originally she wanted me to purchase Minky fabric but I have decided to use this towards the cost of wadding. When these quilts are finished I am going to have think of a way to find the postage but one step at a time.

Christina Kuhne
5480 Great Alpine Road
OVENS Victoria 3738
03 5752 2757

Bank details
ST George Bank
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Acc # 106263319
PT & CM Kuhne

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