Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Goodness Need to Update

Well has been a long time since I updated here. Life has been hard for me these past months. Have lost my sister and I am still getting over that. Is taking me a long time to accept so many things.

But in the silence we have been busy but slow. Quilts for Zimbabwe well we have 15 quilts waiting for Brother in law to quilt. He has been busy picking chestnuts on his farm but now the long winter is here he will prefer to be in the warm house quilting. Also have another 5 or 6 tops in various stages.

We Care quilts went quiet for few months but now we have 6 single bed quilts on the go in various stages unfortunately there are still some sick children out there.

Our aim at the moment is to finish the cot quilts in the next month or so and get them sent off somehow we need to find the money to post them And then we hope by September we will have the singel bed quilts finished and in the hands of the needy children

So even though we have been quiet rest assured there are 12 busy workers hand appliqueing or sewing the tops or quilting away quietly in the background.