Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilt update

I am sorry that there hasn't been a recent update.

The quilts are progressing but I am afraid slowly at the moment.

In the last few months I have been occupied with my family's illness, Firstly my sister Margie is nearing the end of her battle. She was admitted to hospital yesterday and her lung has collasped. They will do a scan today to see how far the tumour has re grown and assess her from there. In the meantime my younger sister Louise has had a melanoma removed she has lost her whole eye and is waiting on a prothesis she is recovering slowly but now lives with a time bomb. as the melonoma had spread to outside the eye so will now live in her blood stream and can resurface anytime in any organ of her body she is being assessed by Peter Mc Callum as to her next treatment. Then DH had a sun spot removed from his lip it was quite extensive so it took a little bit of reshaping fortunately it was benign.

So thanks to all who sent fabric and money, the situation is that several quilts await quilting, and we are working on more as I type. Most of the money was spent on wadding I was able to buy two boxes, and the remainder will be used for postage... Thank to the quilter who left the fabirc at my Sons in Wantirna South I collected this weekend when I went to see my sister it will be very useful. Thanks you to all the others for the minky fabric, the flannel fabric and the lovely lots of cotton fabric. It is all being used.

Forgive me for not posting regular updates but rest assured we are wirking in the background and once all quilts are finished I will send photos.


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