Monday, August 30, 2010

Sandra Jones Children's Village.

We Care Quilts have been asked to assist in making quilts for Sandra Jones Children's village. Situated in Zimbabwe it helps to rehabilitate young girls as young as 11 years who are victims of incest and rape.. Many of these girls arrive pregnant and some who are not fortunate enough to seek refuge abadon there new born babies. So an orphanage was established along with the village for the girls.

Our task is to supply cot quilts. We want to make and send as many as we can before the end of this year (2010). We have already began, yesterday we prepared 4 quilts ready to be hand appliqued and these have been taken by willing hands to do the hand applique. I have about 10 quilt panels and I am awaiting the arrival of my new machine and I will assemble these.

As we are all pensioners and we have to fund our own efforts, money is always in short supply. Postage to send the quilts may cost us up to $400 depending on how many we make. The Minky fabric I woud like to back these quilts with will probably cost about the same. And then there is the fabric needed to make the tops. So we are in the process of applying for a local grant to assist with this. If our application is unsuccessful then we will have to rethink our plan as I say use plan B which as yet I haven't thought of.

So how can you help, well we need homespun fabric and print fabric suitable for babies but we know these babies like bright colours. So you can send us this. If you would like to help with funds then that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to make a quilt then please make one the 36 inches by 48inches. Please use quality fabrics and make it with minky backing. These babies deserve the best is how I think.

Of if you would like to offer help then you can contact me at the following email address

To read more about this village then go to this web site.

I will provide regular updates here and also photos of the quilts as we finish them.

Who Are We Care Quilts For Kids

We Care Quilts For Kids, is a small group of Friends who saw a need one day and decided to take up the challenge. We make quilts for sick or terminal children and their siblings
About three years ago I came in contact with a small Group in Yarrawonga and when I saw the good work they were doing with their skills I wanted to share this. I was told there was a need to form small groups in all areas and to be honest due to my state of mind ( I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks) I was looking for something I could do without having to leave home.
So I soon found about 8 people who were willing to join me and we started making quilts. We didn’t know who we would give them to but soon we heard about sick children and started offering them to these children. The ladies I asked to help me couldn’t quilt so I bribed them, told them if they would help I would teach them to quilt and give them home made muffins when they came to help. They now make beautiful quilts for themselves as well as helping to make quilts for the children. In the three years we have made and given away about 100 quilts to various children and Ronald Mc Donald house. During the 2009 bushfires my husband and I donated 800 quilts in the Alpine shire and Victoria wide many of these were donated but we also made a lot ourselves. My husband supports me in everything we do.
We do all this voluntary and we do it by providing most of what we need ourselves. I get a lot of fabric donated but we still need to buy fabric. We have had a couple of donations from The Railway Hotel
Our Mission Statement it simply We Do this because We Care....

If you would like to help us in any way then please contact me at

We have undertaken a huge tsk which I will tell you all about in the next post and will need help for this to be a success.