Thursday, September 8, 2011


MEN!!!!!!! Quilts weight heavy...... NEVER take a man's word for it. Oh dear total weight 2.7 kilogram...Yeh right! Total weight of ONE box 6 kilograms How redfaced was I at the post office with 5 boxes all weigh around 6 kilograms and expecting to send them airmail to Zimbabwe for $150 .....Well I sent two boxes and I have three left so back to begging for donatons again. Cost $75 per box, HUH !!! lot different to $25 per box.

All Packed Up and Ready To Go

At last I have the last lot of quilts packed an ready to go... Off to the post office soon....

Thanks to the generous donations I have $150 to pay for postage and the total weight is 2.7 kilos so maybe I will be able to send them air mail.

The final count of quilts and other things was

42 Quilts

8 Blankets

Knitted Hats lost count at least 50

Hand made skirts sorry didn't count them came courtesy of Anita

I knitted jumper

All squeezed very tightly into the boxes.

I am so excited now will have to start on the next lot

Its off to the post office I go

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready to Send

It is exciting we are ready to send will have about ten boxes when we are all packed up. About 30 quilts in all plus about 30 knitted hats. Just need help with postage and we are ready to go finally! I haven't photographed the quilts individually but here is what I have ready to go.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Really Flying today

Two more quilts tops finished and I would like a little feedback please.

Black and white angels, should I draw faces on them? I was thinking dots for eyes and small line for nose. Any suggestions please.

We Are Finally Getting There

We are moving along with out cot quilts for Zimbabwe finally!!

We have about 20 ready to post and another 11 will be finished tomorrow. We have another 6 waiting to be quilted and I am just finishing off another 4 tops. So all our work is finally coming to a good conclusion.

As soon as the others are ready they too will be packed and posted. Still need some posting money for the next lot. I send them in 1kilo lots costs about $25 a kilo. About 6 to 8 quilts to the kilo, have another 21 to send so maybe about $75 still needed.

Here is a photo of the one I just finished ready for quilting and will take some more photos tomorrow as the group meets here to sew bindings on.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mails In!!!!

Was fun getting the mail this morning three boxes and a some samples of polar fleece

A huge thank you to AnitaYttrup of Barwon Heads who sent 14 quilts these will be packed up and sent immediately.

Another huge thank you to the anomynous person who sent the box of fleecy fabric, not sure if this can be used for the quilts but if it can't will sell it at my craft group and use the money for postage. But will try it first,

Another big big thanks to the lady who sent the fleecy samples you know who you are, she is also sending some polar fleece I believe we spoke on the phome yesterday.

So thanks we are now back to motoring along withquilting the quilts.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodness where does the time go.

Here it is another month and I am still updating.... What have we all been doing.

Well we are now concentrating on the quilts for the babies at Sandra Jones childrens home, It is our aim to have them finished within the next two months. They are all now tops and will soon be quilted and finished.

We are asking for polar fleece at the moment or cash to buy some as we have exhausted our supply here.

We are also sending beanies and clothing so if you have anything you want included please send it to me I will include it with the quilts.

I will endeavour to do weekly updates as we are now mostly back on top of our own personal problems.

Once again thanks to the support from everyone we appreciate whatever you can do to help.

Please pray for the children and pray we can raise the money to send these quilts very soon.

Please read the latest newsletter fro Sandra Jones Childrens home it will break your heart these poor children.