Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodness where does the time go.

Here it is another month and I am still updating.... What have we all been doing.

Well we are now concentrating on the quilts for the babies at Sandra Jones childrens home, It is our aim to have them finished within the next two months. They are all now tops and will soon be quilted and finished.

We are asking for polar fleece at the moment or cash to buy some as we have exhausted our supply here.

We are also sending beanies and clothing so if you have anything you want included please send it to me I will include it with the quilts.

I will endeavour to do weekly updates as we are now mostly back on top of our own personal problems.

Once again thanks to the support from everyone we appreciate whatever you can do to help.

Please pray for the children and pray we can raise the money to send these quilts very soon.

Please read the latest newsletter fro Sandra Jones Childrens home it will break your heart these poor children.

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